In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind).

Shaik Irfan

Chief Mentor – Digital Transformation & Marketing Innovations
To be a consistent WINNER means preparing not just one day, one month, or even one year — but for a lifetime.

— Bill Rodgers,
Marathon Winner

Thanking Note:
I feel so honoured, grateful and blessed with my parents (Mom, Dad and Family) who always encourage to learn new things, unto the righteous path, and for doing everything possible. I want to express my gratitude for your care, sacrifices and support and I owe my success to you. This tremendous journey of achievement – What I am today?  is the greatest gift in my lifetime. Thank you for your endurance, cultural values, religious perseverance and for never giving up on me—even when I made it hard for you.
Oh, Almighty Allah (swt) – Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the best gift you could ever have given me: a wonderful family and Knowledge (ilm).
“I love to Compete, That`s the essence of who am I”

– Tiger Woods (Golfer)

About Me:

Shaik Irfan, a Digital Transformation and Marketing Innovation Evangelist. An IT Entrepreneur who always research on Innovation Strategy, Digitization and Next-Generation Technologies. At Industry Verticals, his knowledge and business process had sparked the Digital Ecosystem. With years of experience in Digital Marketing Industry he explores the ideas for Digital Transformation, Business Strategies, Cross-Channel Platform Optimization and Analytical Insights. An expert who encapsulate wide spectrum of Digital Customer Experience, Acquisition Strategy, Interactive Advertising, Lead Generation and Digital Assets Marketing.

A technology innovator who`s founded company which named as “Best Mobile Apps Development Company in India” by mobiaffliates.

Shaik Irfan is a Chief Mentor and Head Practitioner at Lemonoids in Digital Transformation and Marketing Innovations who indulge his teaching and work in characterizing the word “DIGITAL”. BE DIGITAL, DO DIGITAL are his thought words which describes his experiences in digital transformation.

He has been a part of the Internet Technology Industry since 2000. His teachings are opportunities and miracle path to learn new things; Through his mentorship “Lemonoids is ranked as #1 Digital Marketing Academy in India” . With IT industry knowledge and smart technology innovations, he had chosen as Corporate Trainer for SathGuru Financials, LandMark IT Solutions, Karvy, NUEland Laboratories, Dell, Broadridge, DigiINC, Accenture, Knoah Solutions, Mediamint , Aparna Constructions, Zen3 Info Solutions, FutureTechMech , ValueLabs, CTS, ICBM (Business School), Taj Banjaras, Holiday Inn, Digital Venture, Kuwait Airways, DigitalJeddah, Adventure Tours, Digital Keys – And the list is endless.

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