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Mr. Shaik Irfan
At industry vertical, Shaik Irfan is a Lead Trainer and Head Practitioner in Digital Marketing & IT Transformation. Through his mentorship “Lemonoids is been awarded and ranked as #1 Digital Marketing Academy in India” by Software10x.com. With IT industry knowledge and smart technology innovations, he had chosen as corporate trainer (Google Products) for leading brands including Fortune 500 Companies, IT Consulting Firms, Product Development companies such as Karvy, NUEland Laboratories, Dell, Broadridge, DigiINC, Accenture, Knoah Solutions, Mediamint , Aparna Constructions, Zen3 Info Solutions, Potential Minds, CTS, ICBM (Business School), Taj Banjara, Pioneertele – And the list is endless.
Shaik Irfan, a Digital Transformation and Marketing Innovation Trainer (Google Certified); with over 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing Industry he explores the ideas for Digital Transformation, Business Strategies, Cross-Channel Optimization and Analytical Insights. An Evangelist who encapsulate wide spectrum of Digital Customer Experience, Acquisition
Strategy, Interactive Advertising, Lead Generation and Digital Assets Marketing. A technology innovator who`s founded company which named as “Best Mobile Apps Development Company in India” by mobiaffliates.
To strengthen the “Next Generation Digitals” Shaik Irfan acknowledges his expertise on multi-facet platforms, nurture digital technology and media channels to enhance productivity, conversions and sales; he express his knowledge through Marketing Events, Digital Workshops, Seminars, Online Webinar and Digital Assets.
Mr. Shaik Irfan holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Hyderabad, India. He is a Technology Pioneer at the #SocialMediaDay Annual Event and #DigitalTransformation Hyderabad.

Demand in the Market
The term “Digital” had revolution the world, and transformed the way of living. This demand had added the wing to IT, Workforce and Businesses - “Be Digital, Do Digital.”
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